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Abdominal muscles are a key component in athletic ability and part of a well-balanced training program. Abs are the main muscle group in the core, which is the mid section of the body. Abdominal muscles support the upper and lower body increasing muscle control in running, twisting and turning motions used in all sports and other athletic competitions. Athletes strengthen abs for explosive performance and to help prevent injury.
Efficient Breathing:
Sustained athletic activity requires maximum oxygen consumption. Oxygen is needed by the muscles to produce adenosine triphosphate, or ATP, which is used to fuel muscular contraction. Carbon dioxide is released during this process and must be removed from the body by the respiratory system. The abs play an integral part in exhalation, helping to contract the diaphragm and expelling the carbon dioxide.
Trunk Stability:
Golf swings, tennis serves and the high jump all use trunk rotation. Most sports have some twisting or rotation in standard play.
Support Back Muscles:
Abs help support the back muscles, which are part of the core muscle system.
Upper and Lower Body Stabilization:
Swimming, rowing, throwing, skiing and many other sports involve upper and lower body coordination, which engage more muscle groups.
We all want tight beautiful abs. Though it may seem impossible, almost anyone can get them with enough determination and hard work. To get tight abs, you have to burn fat as well as commit to doing a series of ab-specific exercises. If you want to know the secret to having a six pack, just follow our warmfit steps steps.

The beauty of ABS

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