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    Doctor Hamer – First Biological Law: the DHS;   The iron rule of all disease

    If everyone learned only one thing about holistic medicine, the Iron Rule of the DHS would still make us all expert healers.
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    The Iron Rule goes like this:

    Every disease originates from a

    * serious,

    * highly acute,

    * dramatic, and

    * isolating

    conflict-shock experience.

    That’s it. That’s the truth about disease in a nutshell.

    In German New Medicine® technical terms, the conflict-shock experience is called a DHS, standing for Dirk Hamer Syndrome. When Dr. Hamer’s son, Dirk Hamer, was fatally shot by a madman in 1978, Dr. Hamer suffered a DHS. This means that Dr. Hamer experienced this event as a serious, highly acute, dramatic, and isolating conflict-shock experience. His “Dirk Hamer Syndrome” experience led first to testicular cancer, and from there to his discovery of the five biological laws of nature that govern every disease process.

    It’s important to note that a DHS is not a mere psychological conflict, not just an idea that pops into our heads and makes you fall ill as a result (although it will certainly cause an emotional response, which is also a biological law). The triggering experience must be a real experience in our lives, whether it’s a discovery of unpleasant news, or the realization of something terrible. But it must be an actual experience.

    Furthermore, the experience must meet all of the criteria of a biological conflict-shock. When you experience a DHS, it must be a situation serious enough that it requires your immediate(subconscious) attention. The experience must beacute enough that you do not have enough conscious attention or resources to actually deal with the experience in the moment that it happens – it catches you off guard. The experience must be dramatic enough that it demands your energy resources, whether you’re willing or not. Lastly, the conflict-shock must be your conflict alone; nobody else can fix it for you in that moment of the experience.

    These criteria are quite important. If you have a millisecond to prepare yourself for the experience, it will simply not meet the requirements of the Iron Rule, and therefore will not lead to disease!

    This conflict-shock experience, takes place simultaneously in every part of a person’s system:

    * the actual external life situation, which is the conflict-shock experience itself,

    * the psyche – whichever part of the psyche is called to attention to deal with that particular life situation,

    * the part of the brain that relates to that aspect of the psyche, and

    * the body organ or body function that is directed by that part of the brain.

    All of these related things – the life situation, psyche, brain, and body function – all remain on full alert and devote all available resources to “handling” the conflict-shock experience. This will continue as long as the conflict-shock remains unresolved, which could be any length of time from one second to an entire lifetime.

    The progression of any disease through its various stages occurs exactly at the same time in our external life experience, in our psyche, in its related brain area, and in that brain area’s associated body function. This is because these four are all aspects of one single system.

    The German New Medicine is a body of knowledge that has connected these four things together for the approximately 500 types of conflict-shock experiences that human beings experience. The key to resolving any conflict is to look at the actual life experience that a person had, and then find out what is happening in his psyche, in his brain, and in his body. These four markers will all point to exactly the same thing: the conflict-shock experience itself.

    Finding out what that conflict-shock experience was is the key to resolving the conflict.

    This is because determining what that conflict-shock was allows us to focus all our available energy on solving that one problem, rather than distributing our attention in a scattered way. In fact, often just realizing what the conflict-shock is is enough for our psyche – and therefore our brain – to immediately solve the conflict!

    Solving the conflict is the only way to end the program that runs in our life, our psyche, our brain, and in our body and that manifests as disease. Finding the DHS, or conflict-shock, is the key to solving the conflict.

    What about all those healthy people? Surely life experiences – and DHS’s – happen to everyone?

    There are definitely some people who are much healthier than others. There are two reasons for this, and neither of them is an exception to the First Biological Law – it is, after all, an Iron Rule!

    First, some people just deal with their conflicts immediately, as they happen. This constitutes “living in the present moment,” and the more skilled anyone gets at living in the present moment, the better they are at both anticipating what may happen next, and recognizing (and therefore dealing with) whatever happens as soon as it does happen. So, even highly-conscious and enlightened people experience DHS’s. They just get over their biological conflicts so quickly that diseases don’t have a chance to develop.

    There is another kind of person who doesn’t get sick very often, but the reason is quite different from the first. This other kind of “healthy” person already has a large, active conflict or set of conflicts in his life that draws all his attention and he simply doesn’t experience new DHS’s because he doesn’t notice new situations that for another person might constitute a biological shock. An existing DHS already so dominates his life that he’s simply too busy to have as many experiences as others and therefore his opportunities to have new DHS’s are fewer.

    Doctor Hamer - First Biological Law:  the DHS

    This website is devoted to real life examples of the biological laws in operation, especially the first biological law, which is the Iron Rule of the DHS. By seeing the biological laws in action, they will soon become second nature to you and you can apply them in your own healing work.