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Doctor R. G. Hamer: More Math
Doctor R. G. Hamer EN Official Group

Doctor R. G. Hamer: More Math ;      January 26th 2015   When an ovarian cancer is diagnosed in a woman that does not know anything about the GNM, this can be experienced as a significant DHS (shock).

As I already mentioned in the previous blog, one of the first things anyone experience’s is an attack against the body, which in this case almost immediately is experienced in the brain relay that controls the cellular structure of the abdominal cavity.

The biological reaction to any attack is to build a kind of armour by multiplying specific cells that are controlled by this part of the brain. These cells are mesodermal (middle embryonic germ layer) in structure and can either “cake” around specific organs or form a mass known as serous tumors which are also attached to various organs in the abdominal cavity, or may just be seen in the fluid that builds when the biological conflict is resolved.

In the majority of cases, this conflict active phase goes unnoticed and is usually diagnosed when the patient develops fluid in the cavity known as “Ascites”. This fluid is essentially there to protect the organs within the abdomen, however if it becomes extraordinary it can be life threatening.

The amazing thing is that this fluid will only develop in the cavity when the patient comes to terms with the attack and begins to feel safe.

In most cases, the oncologist will encourage the patient to have it removed. This put’s the patient into a vicious cycle because in most cases it keeps recurring. If it is removed too often, the patient becomes very weak because the fluid is filled with vital elements such as albumen, a kind of protein and that takes considerable energy and resource to replace.

Another problem a ovarian cancer patient faces, is the concept of an elevated tumor marker count known as CA 125 which is used by conventional medicine as an indicator of a metastatic process.

If you research the “reliability of CA 125 in determining a cancer diagnosis” you will find that there are two different schools of thought. One is that it does NOT coincide with or confirm an ovarian cancer diagnosis. The other says it is “highly suspicious” of such a cancer diagnosis and can save lives.

I have to ask the question here as to why most ovarian cancer patients only have a 5 year life expectancy after their diagnosis if this will save lives.

What most people do not know is that an elevated CA 125 is indicative of MANY inflammatory conditions!  If something abnormal is found on the ovaries, then they are satisfied they have their explanation of metastasis and why the CA 125 was elevated. Meanwhile the patient has a massive DHS!

To quote information found on


Unfortunately, the CA 125 for ovarian cancer blood test is only accurate in detecting about fifty percent of stage I ovarian cancer cases. The use of this test results in many false positive and false negative results.

False positives occur when the CA 125 level is elevated, but the patient does not have ovarian cancer.

False negatives occur when the CA 125 level is not elevated, and the patient does have ovarian cancer.

The consequences of a false positive test can be very serious. Patients may undergo invasive testing or preventive abdominal surgery based on this false test result.

The effects of a false negative test can be devastating. Because cancer is not accurately diagnosed, the cancer is given time to become more severe. This reduces the patient’s chances of successful treatment once the cancer is accurately identified (National Cancer Institute).

Doctor R. G. Hamer: More Math

False Positives

The false positive test result can be caused by a number of health issues including reproductive conditions such as endometriosis and benign reproductive tumors. Inflammation in the pelvic cavity can also cause elevated levels of this cancer antigen (Johns Hopkins University – See more at:

There are countless ovarian cancer patients that have never had an elevated CA 125 that did in fact experience a so called metastatic process. If CA 125 was a reliable indicator why was it not elevated?  There are also women with an elevated CA 125 that have never had an ovarian cancer.

What is the purpose then to use this particular “tumor marker” if it does not absolutely confirm the existence of a “metastatic” ovarian cancer?

Your guess is as good as mine.

Doctor R. G. Hamer: More Math Doctor R. G. Hamer: More Math Doctor R. G. Hamer: More Math Doctor R. G. Hamer: More Math Doctor R. G. Hamer: More Math Doctor R. G. Hamer: More Math Doctor R. G. Hamer: More Math Doctor R. G. Hamer: More Math Doctor R. G. Hamer: More Math Doctor R. G. Hamer: More Math Doctor R. G. Hamer: More Math Doctor R. G. Hamer: More Math Doctor R. G. Hamer: More Math 

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GNM Doctor Hamer: A change of direction
Doctor R. G. Hamer EN Official Group

GNM Doctor Hamer: A change of direction;    April 12th , 2014 
Since I first heard of Dr. Hamer and the “New Medicine” as it was called between 1981 and 2003, my life and healing philosophy has changed quite dramatically.


GNM Doctor Hamer: A change of direction

GNM Doctor Hamer: A change of direction

In 1992 when I first heard about this discovery, I was just an ordinary person working in alternative healing. Practically everything I had believed up to that point was shattered when I heard Hamer speak. However, I also realized that what he was saying was the truth.

Until that very moment even though I had been working in alternative medicine since 1981, I had more questions than answers with respect to the origin of disease and how to go about healing.
I wanted to know everything that he had discovered, but how does one go about it when one doesn’t even know his whereabouts?

I did know he was in Germany and then I asked my friend and colleague who gave me the taped lectures if she knew of any books that he had written. As it happened, her contact in Switzerland knew where one could order books so I went ahead and placed an order for “Cancer Disease of the Soul” and his first edition of “The Legacy of the New Medicine”.

Many weeks later, I had the books and began to translate them for my husband who was eager to see if this man’s healing philosophy was correct.

Needless to say when I began to look at the “Disease Chart” at the back of his book the accuracy of Dr. Hamer’s  work became quite evident. He was spot on in identifying the conflict of each disease we were presented with in our practice. As we investigated further, we realized his observations about how a disease progresses within the 2 phases was also correct.
It was then that I knew I could never go back to the “old way” of dealing with illness.
At that time in my life I was no longer seeing clients. I was kept very busy managing the practice, the clinic and retail end of our business and I dealt with the general public. I remember being so excited about this new information that I literally told everyone that would listen about this extraordinary breakthrough in medicine.

One day, about a year after I began to study Dr. Hamer’s books, someone called me at the practice and said they had heard through the grapevine that I was talking about the New Medicine. She also told me she knew Dr. Hamer personally. I was shocked that word had gotten out so quickly!
Naturally I had to meet this person and find out more so I invited her to have dinner with us one evening.

At that meeting she mentioned she also had close contact with a protégé of Dr. Hamer and that he spoke English. She also said he might be available to give seminars here in Canada.
Of course I jumped at the chance. I had already been sponsoring events in the healing community for some big names in the industry, so to sponsor this protégé of Dr. Hamer would not be difficult.

The following year in August of 1994, THE first New Medicine seminar took place in Toronto.
After that event, there was no doubt in my mind that I had to continue to go in this direction. I had to know more. I needed to know everything.

At that time there was literally nothing available on the New Medicine in English. Practically no one had heard of it in the English speaking world. However, within a couple of years I began to see more evidence that others were beginning to pick up on Dr. Hamer’s research and I would find reference to his work in the oddest places. The problem was that there was nothing credible available in English.

Realizing this and knowing seminar notes would not be provided, I decided that it would be a good idea to translate the “Disease Chart” as it was known then during my vacation about a month prior to the seminar.

That was no easy task because in those days all I had was a word processor, not a laptop computer. Half my vacation was spent sitting in my in-laws den (we were visiting the UK), translating the “Disease Chart” and when we got back to Canada it was proofread and printed just in time for the seminar.

I have to say since I first translated Dr. Hamer’s chart in the summer of 1994, it has been imprinted in my mind. All I had to do in the future was update my body of knowledge as he came out with new discoveries.
It was difficult in the beginning to gain any kind of momentum in raising awareness about the New Medicine especially because we were at the mercy of the fact that knowledgeable people had to come from Europe to provide credible information.

We did not have anything published in English. This was a big obstacle and to some extent still is an obstacle. The only saving grace is that now, we have the internet for GNM information in various languages. However since not all GNM websites are directly associated with Dr. Hamer we know that not all the information out there is correct.

Over the next 3 years it became increasingly difficult to get Dr. Hamer’s protégé here to Canada to give seminars because of his busy schedule so I decided it would be more efficient to have him come to only give seminars to students that already understood the foundations of the New Medicine. The only way to make that happen was to give introductory seminars myself. So in 1997, I gave my first New Medicine seminar.

This was also when I got my very first nosebleed!



GNM Doctor Hamer: A change of direction  GNM Doctor Hamer: A change of direction  GNM Doctor Hamer: A change of direction  GNM Doctor Hamer: A change of direction  GNM Doctor Hamer: A change of direction  GNM Doctor Hamer: A change of direction  GNM Doctor Hamer: A change of direction  GNM Doctor Hamer: A change of direction  GNM Doctor Hamer: A change of direction  GNM Doctor Hamer: A change of direction  GNM Doctor Hamer: A change of direction  GNM Doctor Hamer: A change of direction  GNM Doctor Hamer: A change of direction  GNM Doctor Hamer: A change of direction  GNM Doctor Hamer: A change of direction  

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