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Fabio, Sport Masseur
The best exercises to train your abs
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It ‘hard to fall than a myth according to which the exercises for the abdominals would be the best way to get a flat stomach and defined.

In fact the exercises alone will not allow you to burn enough calories to allow a significant reduction of abdominal fat. An abdominal fat, even if supported by a robust scaffold muscle, can never be carved.

The only advantage that you can get from training selective of these muscles is their tone, which helps to form a true “natural corset”. A more toned abdomen, with the same body fat, produces a slimmer figure and toned, in addition to preventing back pain, and improve both balance and posture.

The look, however, affected by other factors far more important than simple toning exercises. Foremost, of course, we find the genetic because the abdominals are a muscle in itself very sensitive to what is written in their genetic code. In the population can indeed find many differences, there are those who have abdominal symmetrical and asymmetrical them, as some have muscle insertion more or less deep. Genetics also influence hormonal balance, metabolism and predisposition or less accumulation of fat in the abdominal region. Among the factors that can be controlled, the first place we find the power, closely followed by physical activity, lifestyle and posture.

In 2001, Dr. Peter Francis member of the American Council of exercise studied the efficacy of 13 different ab exercises performed with or without the use of tools. Through his studies, carried out thanks to a technique that allows us to study the number of motor fibers recruited and the intensity of contraction (electromyography), it was possible to establish a ranking of the exercises more efficient. The traditional crunch was chosen as a reference point and was given theoretical efficiency of 100%.


abdominal  the various types of exercises the absolute best was that commonly called “bicycle”. This exercise has demonstrated efficacy equal to 248%. The starting position of the bicycle the subject is lying on his back with your back flat on the ground and his hands behind his head, the exercise begins when the athlete simulates by kicking the pedal, bringing together the right elbow to left knee and left elbow to your right knee.


The study found as between the various exercises the most effective are those in which the abdominals are contracted to stabilize the lower part of the body that carries in turn the movement. In second place we are in fact lifting the legs of the captain’s chair (the structure present in many gyms which leans with the back keeping the body suspended on the forearms). E ‘fairly logical to think that these results are true because the lower part of the body, in addition to weigh more than the upper, requires an effort greater stabilization, which is of course dependent of the abdominals.

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