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come funziona warmfit?  come funziona warmfit?
Are you a Sport Expert, Coach or Trainer… involved in Sports?
Please, to appear here for free, do your Sign Up click here
Aren’t you a Sport Expert or a trainer or a physiotherapist … but you are a sport person? click here


The security
For the moment, it is requested a double passage, in order to enter our site, to avoid various spammers attacks. In fact, we are already getting a lot of visits, and there is still much to do in Warmfit.

The cunning of the name
Warmfit, that counts only seven letters, is a smart domain. It is the union of two very commonly used words and thanks to this we are getting a lot of visibility from all over the World. In addition we do advertising here and there at our expenses, but you can make free usage of this platform to your liking, for free!.

What to do? Very simple …
Once inside Warmfit, simply begin to take actions such as: Change the image of your profile; Ask “friendship” to some members; Enrich your profile with Media, BuddyDrive, write on your Notice Boardl (Activities/Timeline); If you want, you can create one or more “Groups” for which you will be the administrator; you also have the possibility to include a LINK, inside such groups / Forum / Discussion, which would redirect to your profile to gain popularity, not bad right? Participate in Blog and Forum already started; you may also want to change size, font, and colors to your liking in most sections.!

The Sports Experts, and the Administrator
Most important, ask for tips to “The Sport Experts”! Feel free to ask info and help, especially in the evenings and nights, ibecause the Administrator would be available for all the support you might need. Clicking HERE, and the Administrator will be at your disposal, for FREE! Warmfit has the prerogative to bring together Sports professionals with People who practice Sports at any level.

it is forbidden to build Groups that don’t concern the Sport. And, if yes, those groups have to include a picture, thanks.

Differently, they will be deleted soon.

We have also taken care to take possession of some domains that, if acquired by others, might have created some inconveniences. We are talking about the following domains: www.espertidellosport.it www.gliespertidellosport.it www.thesportexperts.com www.losexpertosendeporte.com Try it yourself to click on any of the above mentioned site and you will be redirected to the Warmfit platform.

Best WordPress Yoast SEO
If you are a Sport Expert, you should know that Warmfit offers a powerful way to give you a lot of visibility through the search engines. It is called: “SEO Content Analysis” (SEO = Search Engine Optimization which is a optimizer for the visibility of search engines, like Google).

From Subscriber to Author, just ask the Administrator
By subscribing as a Sport Expert, you would have the opportunity to contact the Administrator that will change your role from underwriter to Author! In this way you can write articles and insert, inside those articles, LINKS, that, when clicked, redirect the readers to your profile! There is no need to purchase a domain for your website and spend your own money to ensure yourself a certain number of daily visits. Do it through Warmfit, for free, using thethe method described above. Not bad right? As a matter of fact, thanks to “SEO Content Analysis” of WordPress” you will have a great deal of visibility through Google also.

Try for yourself what we are saying have said below …
Just try it, by entering keywords on Google, which for now have to do with “Stretching Mezieres“, and “Hamer: Le 5 Leggi Biologiche“; warmfit, incredibly enough, it is already on the top! Take advantage now! It’s free and fun!

warmfit with WordPress, give you a strong instrument to get Popularity
Facebook, incredibly, cannot give you this possibility. For Facebook, all users are on the same level. Or, otherwise, it offers greater visibility, to its territorial conditions, but you have to pay a servicefee. Use warmfit to appear in the eyes of new users around the World!

An Extra visibility tool for Experts …
And there’s more: you can benefit from the visibility on the top, in the field : “The Sports Experts.” How? You build your own profile as you like and the Administrator will open for you a higher profile in this Sports Field with your name in blue and clickablethat will redirect to your profile. (Test with current Experts). Enjoy Warmfit !

Come funziona warmfit?

Mara Besacchi